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The Great Gatsby was written by Fitzgerald Scott and published in 1925. In May 2013, the movie premiered in New York and an audio book was uploaded to YouTube in December. The audiobook was released to reach out to a bigger audience. Some people tend not to concentrate when watching movies while others do not have the time. By listening, they are able to receive the message that was intended from the original book while they go on with other activities.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the narrator in the Gatsby audio book. He takes over Nick’s role in the movie. The audio book uses flashbacks in some scenes. This is brought out well by recapturing the essence and delights of hearing stories told as it was traditionally.

In summary, Nick and Gatsby are neighbors. Daisy, who is Nick’s, cousin is married to Tom. Gatsby then informs Nick that he and Daisy used to be lovers. He asks Nick for his help in reuniting them. Tom, on the other hand, has an affair with Myrtle and Nick was aware of his misconduct. Tom’s mistress is hit by Daisy while driving Gatsby’s car. Gatsby took the blame out of his undying love for Daisy. Myrtle’s husband and Jay Gatsby also die. Tom and Daisy left all this mess behind, and Nick arranged for Gatsby’s funeral. Nick is therefore caught in between the drama that unfolds.

There are many themes that are brought out in the audio book. By listening carefully, one is not distracted by the visual aspects like the parties thrown by Mr.Gatsby but keeps track on learning valuable lessons from the book. One is also able to retain their visualization and picture-making skills. You create your own version of the happenings in the original story in your mind. This is usually in line with the understanding you make from what you heard.

Understanding is also enhanced immensely by paying attention to tonal variation, accent, and timing given to the text. One can identify the relevant themes that were intended by the writer. One of them is education. The elite in the setting of this book is educated. Education also creates bonds between old classmates which are maintained after finishing school. Nick and Tom went to Yale together, and their friendship subsisted.

An aspect of compassion and forgiveness also comes out. Gatsby is willing to forgive Daisy for getting married to Tom. Daisy, on the other hand, is willing to forgive Tom for cheating on her with Myrtle.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of flashback, it is important to note that we ought not to live in the past. It is not bad to relive cherished memories, but life has to go on. Gatsby lived in the past. He and Daisy had been in love before. He is in love with the dream of Daisy as he had experienced years back. She is now married and leaving her husband becomes impossible. The painful reality was that Gatsby had to move on considering Daisy would not forgive him for not being completely honest about whom he was.

The audiobook is available in different versions to cater for different consumer needs. One can visit the YouTube homepage and search for it. This requires a working internet connection. There are also MP3 audio versions available. One thing about audiobooks is that it promotes purposive interaction with literature. Movies at times may be overrated, and people tend not to gain the moral of the story. For some, they are content with the fact that they have watched it avoid feeling out of place when a particular movie becomes a topic of discussion.

The audiobook can also be listened to on Apple, Android and Windows phones. This is very convenient because of portability. It will require the installation of the free audible application if it is not already downloaded. So far there have been a lot of listeners on YouTube, and so many copies have been sold by retail outlets.

There is lot to gain from the Great Gatsby audio book. The reviews so far have been tremendous. There is an added advantage of the audio component that cannot be derived from both the movie and the book.

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