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In 1813, Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice, a novel of manners about the world of the privileged social class of England at the time. The novel was about manners, marriage and the attitudes of the people at the time and it has since become one of the most important novels in the history of literature.

More than two hundred years after it was published, Pride and Prejudice continues to inspire people and has been made into a countless number of adaptations. Today it is now available to all people through an audiobook format. This book is available with its original text and points intact for a new generation to read and explore. It is a truly essential story for all to explore and learn about as it is still relevant to this day.

About the Story

The story is about Elizabeth Bennett, one of five daughters of a country gentleman in Britain. Her mother does not have the same social beliefs as her father and has been trying to find husbands for her and the rest of the Bennett family. However, Elizabeth continues to be heavily influenced by her father and has been known for her wit. Still, she has a look at the world that is not always as positive as she wishes it could be.

As Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy move into the local area, Mr. Darcy becomes more interested in Elizabeth. Darcy was initially been rather cold to Elizabeth but eventually started to warm up to her as the story goes along. However, her sister Jane is being targeted by Mr. Bingley. What makes this concerning is that it is uncertain as to whether or not she cares about her and if he is only there out of Mrs. Bennett’s desire.

Much of the story includes a desire of the characters to explore and exhibit some form of decorum in the situations that they enter into. Part of this entails Mr. Darcy and his ongoing desire to marry Elizabeth.

The story covers many other fascinating characters. This includes the youngest daughter Lydia, a mature and appealing young woman who married before anyone else in the family could, and William Collins, a pompous and nonsensical man who is an heir to a large part of Mr. Bennett’s estate.

A Exploration Of Themes

One part of what has caused Pride and Prejudice to be among Austen’s most famous works comes from her exploration of many different themes. These include the themes of marriage and how a man who owns lots in his life should be someone who is willing to look for a wife. This is a key principle that is evidenced in many parts of this novel.

The novel also covers the topic of wealth. Part of this involves how a man must be someone who is willing to marry a woman who can help herself and not live off of the riches that a man has earned over his time.

The class is also evidenced in the story. Much of this includes the importance of respecting others while avoiding the many problems that often occur with regards to pride and one’s general attitudes towards others.

Available In a New Form

Today Pride and Prejudice can be experienced by a new generation in a useful audiobook format. This version of the story includes a full and unabridged look at the story and how it is important to society at large.

The unabridged audio version of the story is entirely narrated and covers all of the language and topics that Jane Austen originated in her story. It is also available in many formats that are easy to play on portable media devices and computer programs. This book, which is close to 400 pages in length in many physical printings, will be much more accessible to many people in this new format.

The story of Pride and Prejudice entails many topics and points that are still thought about to this day. The audiobook version of this story is important as it provides people with plenty of points that relate to how culture works in general and is a worthwhile story for all to explore with regards to its themes and ideas. It is especially accessible to all and is worth exploring thanks to the many points and values that are covered for all to explore and learn about.

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