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John Steinbeck, an author known for his many stories about life in the Depression era in the United States, wrote Of Mice and Men Audiobook as a story about two migrant workers in California who went searching for many job opportunities. The story has been noted for being a unique look at two men who are relatively different from one another as they struggle to make it through in the world. The book Of Mice and Men was first published in 1937 and today it still amazes people who read it.

The General Story

Steinbeck’s novel covers the story of George Milton and Lennie Small. George is a smart man in spite of not having much of an education to begin with. Lennie is a large man who is also very mentally troubled. The story covers their experiences as they move around California as migrant workers.

The goal that they have is to hold their piece of land. However, it has become a challenge for them to do this not only with the Depression taking full control over society but also from Lennie’s behavior. The two once had jobs, but they were run out of town because Lennie touched a woman’s dress and would not let go, thus causing her to accuse him of rape.

However, the two are good friends, and George is somewhat protective. This leads them to a new ranch where they get to know some people including the ranch hand Candy and Curley, a man who is very suspicious about the two. The story also features Crooks, a black man who is well-educated and supportive of many work functions in spite of the racism that was prevalent at the time.

The story covers the relationship between George and Lennie and brings out some conflicts. This includes George’s desire to succeed along with his will and needs to keep Lennie protected. This comes even after Lennie engages in some rough behaviors including one instance where he accidentally kills a puppy that he was supposed to take care of.

This story is based on Steinbeck’s experience as a bindlestiff in the prior decade. Lennie was particularly inspired by a man who went into an insane asylum after killing a person that he and Steinbeck were working for at the time.

A Story About Friendship

The main conceit that John Steinbeck goes after throughout this novella involves the consideration of friendship and loneliness. This includes the importance of working harder to be a better worker and to continue to be friends and who are positive with others. This comes in spite of the many different challenges that come about as George and Lennie’s relationship is heavily tested.

Stories about how people interact with each other are also featured here. This includes the many intellectuals, racial and economic influences that come in the way of how people interact with each other. The concepts that are provided are rather interesting and worth exploring as they cover the many attitudes that people often have with regards to how different behaviors work and what people often think about in their lives.

Available Digitally On Audio Book

This novel is available today in an audiobook format. This can be easily downloaded onto one’s computer or portable media player and played through any program. It can work in many file formats including the MP3 format.

This is useful as it allows anyone to experience that legendary book anywhere one is. Whether it be in a car while exercising or while just resting, the audiobook format will enable people to listen to the story.

Also, it is entirely unabridged and uncensored, thus meaning that people will listen to it as it was initially intended. This is important considering how the story has dealt with many different controversies over the years. In fact, the accounts have been banned at many schools and libraries for reasons like containing profanity and racially insensitive language and in some cases promoting euthanasia. The audiobook version leaves in everything as Steinbeck had written so long ago.

The audiobook version of this story is a valuable one for all to listen to. Of Mice and Men Audiobook is one of the most important stories in American literature in the early twentieth century and it continues to be influential regarding its essential themes and the memorable characters that were created by John Steinbeck.

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