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It’s all about the whale

There are very few things in life, including literature, which can truly be labeled flawless and unique. The story, Moby Dick, is an exception to that rule being unlike anything we’ve read or has been written.

Most know the story about Captain Ahab, crazed and obsessed with finding the famous white whale. With this storyline also come paradoxes, digressions and riffs about life and whaling.

The story is so profound many claims due to it being so advanced that the original version was the first modern-day novel.

Introducing Melville

In comes Herman Melville with his own masterpiece being one of the greatest works of creative imagination in the history of literature.

Adding to the story of not just the madman pursuing a dramatic war against the famous whale, which is smart, dangerous, vast and as unpredictable as the roaring sea itself.

This audiobook brings more than just an adventure it brings with it Melville’s meditation of America through his eyes. Written with hilarious, and at times unpredictable humor, the novel is a profound look at the character, his faith and his value of perception.

Moby Dick is a story about a whaling adventure and the quest. The fabulous narrator, Ishmael, is himself seeking new experiences and volunteers himself to take on the task on a boat named “Pequod.”

Before joining the ship, Ishmael befriends a more than old pagan aborigine and whaler named Queequeg. Together they set out on their adventurous journey under the direction of Captain Ahab.

However, Captain Ahab has invested himself in a quest of his own to search and find the whale that he lost his leg. Introducing his readers to an adventure being part whaling knowledge and part discovering his moral evaluation.

Book Review

Considered by many to be the greatest American novel written to date, the Moby Dick audio version never disappoints its listeners at any time throughout the book.

However, there are places in the plot where the study of whales takes over entire chapters or over extended drawn out whaling practices and insight into the lives of the characters with overkill.

As enjoyable as these stories may be, there are plenty of occasions where you wish for the theme to go back into the quest and not drag out the study of whales.

With the presentation, Ishmael presents whales as being godlike animals surrounded by epic mystery to which no human can understand.

With that being said, the audio book is full of allusions to the Bible making it an interesting inter-textual novel. Other than whales the book studies human nature throughout the crew on the Pequod.

To be a lover of the novel one must be a fan of whaling. Melville steps away from the plot many times to discuss parts of whales and the ship as he is attempting to convince the readers that he has very little knowledge of whaling.

It will seem as though it is overwritten due to using large unknown words when it would be as powerful to use smaller words to give to the paragraphs when one to two sentences are required.

The plot in quiet enticing with the suspense, close to the end is extremely gripping. However, parts of the novel get boring when you think it should be filled with anxiety and suspense.


Saying it is a bad book is not the case here. Looking deeper into the center of the story, it seems that he is not talking about whaling at all. Instead, dig deeper into the whale and the attachment the characters share for the animal.

With this epic adventure being in audio mode, it’s hard not to want to hear it as it takes you into its world with a voice instead of just words. If you are looking for intense, fierce adventure and action, you will more than likely be disappointed with the novel.

However, if you are in search of a book that goes into the depths of whaling and ships, you won’t be disappointed one bit. The history that comes with this epic story is enough for new generations to want to read it, with the understanding that it is much deeper than simply a man hunting for a whale.

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