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    Lord of the Flies Audiobook is the audio version of the novel written by William Golding. This masterpiece is a modern literature book that has been many times disputed because of its content. Many parents and groups of individuals have tried to ban this novel because it provides a deep study of the human character, revealing different human weaknesses that can be hard to accept. The matters that the novel is focused on are power, nobility, brutality, anarchy, and organization.


    The original version of the Lord of the Flies was released in 1954 by William Golding, one of the veterans from World War II. During the time of its original publication, humanity was under the tension of the Cold War. It can be hard to decide a genre for this book, but some people say it is a combination of adventure, science-fiction, drama, and allegory.

    The Story

    The story focuses on one of the main characters, a child by the name of Simon. The novel is different from what most people may be used to, as is it not the classical story about good overcoming evil. The masterpiece supports the idea that the basic human instincts have been tamed by civilization and that humanity has only been stopped from self-annihilation because of a good organization of the society. The story is concentrated on a group of British schoolboys who have ages between 6 and 12. They start as innocent children living on an island in the Pacific Ocean without adults around. But, they become fearful once they first see a “beast.” The memory of a happy life starts to be more and more distant.

    A plane crash forces a group of British schoolboys to become trapped on an island in the Pacific. As time passes, the children realize they won’t be saved soon. Because of this, they try to organize themselves. Two children from the group start competing against each other: Jack and Ralph. While Jack has more savage instincts and starts hunting for providing food to the members of the group, Ralph is more focused on the human and civilized side, trying to organize various activities meant to increase the chances for survival.

    As the story advances, the savage side begins to rule and Ralph loses his authority. Jack starts to manipulate and control the island. He kills a boar, cuts the animal’s head and places it on a stick. The head it meant to defend the group against the “beast.” Because the head is covered with flies, it will be soon called “The Lord of The Flies.” The boar head was in fact meant to be a gift to the “beast.”

    The Characters

    The main character in the book is Ralph, who is a sensible child. The boys choose him to be the “chief.” Throughout the story, Ralph is one of the few characters who grow. In the beginning, he has no worries, but then he becomes more and more concerned about the way the other boys behave morally. Jack is not elected because of Ralph, but he becomes the leader of the hunters. After killing his first pig, Jack becomes bloodthirsty and is hungry for power. Piggy, a fat boy who is very intelligent, becomes the adviser of Ralph.

    Jack hates the constant lecturing of Piggy and makes him a target. After the boys lose more of their moral values, Roger becomes the primary ally of Jack. Even if Roger still remembers the rules learned from adults in school, he has a strong impulse to hurt the others. Simon, just as Piggy, is seen more like an outcast, because it is the shy and introverted child. He can see the real nature of the other boys.

    Symbols Used in the Book

    The book is full of symbolism. For example, the boys use some shell that is blown for noticing the boys about meetings. This shell is also called a conch. The one holding the conch is the one who is allowed to speak (just as in democracy). Glasses are a symbol of reason, as they can be used by lighting a fire and when they become broken, the boys tend to behave irrationally and immorally. The decapitated head on a pole represents evil.


    Lord of the Flies is among the most influential novels that were ever written. The book reveals the deepest human fears and the background of the story is perfect for showing this aspect. The Lord of the Flies Audiobook is a very popular and entertaining audio story with dark accents and many reasons to listen to. It allows you to reflect on the true human nature even after a long time have passed since you finishing it.

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