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Jane Eyre is an Autobiography that was written by Charlotte Brontë. It was published in 1847 by Elder & Co in London. However, it took a year for the American version to be released. The American version was released by Harper& Brothers publishers of New York.

The plot of the story revolves around the life of a little person named Jane. Though the use of first-person narration, Jane gives an account of what she has gone through in her life. Five stages have been given to explain what the character went through.

Stage 1

The first stage describes her childhood at the Gatestead Hall. In this stage, Jane describes that she was abused both physically and emotionally by her close relatives, i.e., her aunts and relatives. It is from the descriptions and narrations it the first stage where Jane manages to capture the attention of most readers. In fact, most reviews that have been given in different review sites indicate that a good number of readers have been touched by what happens at this stage. The descriptions have made many to progress with their reading.

Jane was an orphan. Her parents died when she was young despite the death of her parents, most of her relatives were not willing to give her any form of care. For instance, Sarah Reed sees her as a burden, and she goes ahead to discourage her children to avoid associating with Jane. Sarah’s children also contributed to her unhappiness as they mistreated her. Jane was unhappy, and she always sought to comfort herself with a doll and books.

Stage 2

The second stage captures her life while schooling at the Lowood School, a school that gathered for orphans and poor children. In this stage, her life began to change even though she also suffered privations. At the school, she made friends and acquired role models. Jane was taken to the Lowood School when Mr. Lloyd realized that Jane was very uncomfortable at the Gatestead Hall. Mistreatments did not stop, but she tried to fit in the life that the school offered. The meals that were served at the school were poor, and the children suffered at the hands of individuals such as Mr. Brocklehurst. Their affairs were also taken for granted since they were kept in cold rooms and given light clothes to wear.

Stage 3

The third stage has been used to present an account of her time when she was the governess of Thornfield Hall. Jane moved to Thornfield after spending six years as a student and two years as a teacher at the Lowood School. Her movement to Thornfied followed advertisement of the governess services that she offered. Her job here was to teach a young French girl, Adele Varens. She falls in love with Edward Rochester – the master of the house where she worked in. Edward finds out that Jane was a responsible lady because she always helped him come out of disastrous situations. She once saved her master from a mysterious fire in his room. This stage has been used to describe her love life.

Stage 4

The fourth stage describes what she underwent when she was with the Rivers family. While with family, another milestone even happened in her life. Her clergyman cousin proposed to her even though the relationship did not come to mature.

Stage 5

The events in this stage can be seen when she re unites with her initial lover, Rochester. It is at this stage where their relationship is seen to strengthen. The major event that occurred in the fifth stage is her marriage to Rochester. Their wedding was interrupted by a man who revealed that Rochester had a living wife called Bertha Mason. Rochester married Bertha, a mad woman because he did not get any information about Bertha’s mental condition. His attempts to divorce her did not go through because filing for divorce was not easy.

The division of the book into stages has been significant. The sections provided perspectives of the social issues that Jane went through in her life. Most of this undergoing challenged her status quo.


This is an amazing novel that describes what a present day life can offer to a person. The novel has been filmed many times and despite its old age, it is still an award-winning production.

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