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Heart of Darkness Audiobook Free Download

One of the greatest and most influential written works for western culture was written way back in 1899. The Heart of Darkness is a novella written by a Polish novelist named Joseph Conrad and tells the story of an ivory transporter named Charles Marlow. Some of us may probably remember this as a piece that we came across in the library or as a reading material back in our High School days. Back then, we may have failed to realize just how provoking this novella is. Fortunately for us, we can now enjoy this master work again at our own pace with the Heart of Darkness Audiobook.

A Thought Provoking Read

When it comes to western culture, there are always books as well as works that has permeated the culture that the piece itself becomes immortalized in as little as a few words and the Heart of Darkness is one of those. The novella has actually inspired music and theatre as well as a lot radio, movie, and television adaptations. It is one of those things that have seeped into the consciousness of mass media that it has influenced modern works to some extent. But just what is it that makes this novella intensely interesting for its readers?

The book primarily revolves around Charles Marlow who is an Englishman and is assigned as a river-boat captain who also needs to look for Kurtz, an ivory trader that has lost his sense of humanity as well as values. Along with his journey, he unravels the dark side of European colonization and how it has affected the people in the area. Not only does he experience firsthand the darkness that is the Congo wilderness, but he also faces the cruelness of how the Europeans treat the African natives. And amidst all these, he sees the blackness of the human heart as well as how dark humanity is when doing acts of crime and evil.

The darkness and greed of modern society know no bounds and that, through Kurtz, he sees that the world revolves around money and power and nothing more. At the end of it all, nothing further drives home the point about the expression of what life truly is: “The horror! The horror!”

Listen at Your Own Pace

Truly the Heart of Darkness is one of the most thought-provoking and bone-chilling reads. However, honestly speaking, after High School, most of us have stopped reading books and novels. If not for the required reading materials in school, we would be barely familiar with these gems let alone read them. However, as we get older, we all realize the importance of these books as well as how they can help define and shape our selves. Unfortunately, now that we are adults, even though we are interested in reading, we lack the time to do so. In between our busy work schedule, social life, and responsibility, it would be difficult to try and squeeze in time to read.

It is fortunate that the Heart of Darkness Audiobook has been released and is a great way for us to all experience Marlow’s story anytime we want to. Since it is an audiobook, w can simply listen to it anytime we have free time, and it is far easier to accommodate in out busy lives. In fact, this version of the book has become very popular and has been bought by tons of people. Those who have never read the books will find that this is the perfect way for them to “read” the book in its entirety and since the novella is written in a frame narrative with Marlow’s point of view, listeners will get a notion of what the protagonist thinks as well as feels. For those that have already read the books, this is a fresh way to experience the story again; the voice, as well as the characterizations, are simply perfect and not too over the top or drab.

If you wish to read one of the classics of western literature but feel that you lack the time to sit down and read a book, then this audiobook is the best solution for you. Put it on your mp3 player or smartphone and listen to it whenever you have the time.

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