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Great Expectations is amongst the most popular and loved novels of Charles Dickens. Just as in his other novels, Great Expectations too, has a brilliant use of plot and character, together with great sympathy and sensibility towards the way the British class system was in the nineteenth century.

The novel revolves around Philip Pirrip (known as Pip), a poor young man, who suddenly gets the chance to be made into a gentleman by some mysterious benefactor. Through Great Expectations, a fantastic view of the differences that existed between various classes in the Victorian Era is depicted, together with a great sense of pathos and comedy.

At the beginning of the novel, Pip is shown as a young orphan living with his sister and brother-in-law (Joe). While he was still a young boy, they get to know that a convict has run away from the local prison. One day, while Pip was crossing the moors close to his house, he suddenly comes across Magwitch (the runaway convict). He threatens his life, and as a result, Pip gets scared and agrees to bring Magwitch food and tools, until the day he is recaptured.

Pip continues growing, and one beautiful day an uncle takes him to play at a wealthy woman’s (Miss Havisham) house. Miss Havisham, had been hurt by her suitor on her wedding day and had been left alone at the altar. Even though she has become old, she has not been able to get over the shock and is still in her early wedding dress. Pip meets a young girl (Estella) at Miss Havisham’s house, who even though kisses him once, always treats him with great contempt. Even after being treated coldly, Pip falls in love with Estella and wants to become a man of means, so that he could become worthy of marrying her.

One day, a lawyer by the name of Jaggers arrives and tells that a mysterious benefactor wants to pay to help Pip grow into a gentleman. Pip then goes to London and starts living a great life, enjoying his youth. All the while he is of the notion that it is Miss Havisham who has offered him all the money so that he could become worthy of marrying Estella. But, one day, Magwitch enters his room, and Pip learns that he is his real benefactor. Magwitch tells him that after managing to escape from the prison, he had moved to Australia where he made a good fortune.

While Magwitch was in London, Pip yet again helps him escape. Meanwhile, Pip tries to help Miss Havisham accept the fact of her life. Soon after, she is caught in a fire and gradually dies. Estella marries a rich country bumpkin. He used to treat her cruelly, and there was no love between them.

Despite Pip trying hard, Magwitch is caught again, and Pip no longer could continue his life as a young gentleman. Together with his friend, he leaves the country, and they start working hard to earn money. In the last chapter, Pip comes back to England where he meets Estella in a graveyard. He gets to know her husband has died, and the story ends, hinting a happy future for Pip and Estella.

The novel Great Expectations shows the various classes and the differences between them, and also shows how money corrupts people. It reveals that money cannot guarantee happiness and cannot buy love. Pip’s brother-in-law, Joe, is the most morally correct and happiest person and Miss Havisham, despite being rich, is lonely and unhappy.

Pip always believed that on becoming a gentleman he would have everything he wants, and his life will be perfect, but his world collapses when he gets to know the real source of his money. This helped Pip understand the actual value of life.

Great Expectations presents some of the most interesting characters of Dickens. It is a fantastic read, but now you need not necessarily read it, you can also hear it by opting for Great Expectations audiobook. This will give you the opportunity to hear the story while at home, in the car, or anywhere. Hearing the story gives you an even better experience. You will be able to imagine the characters better, thus turning the story into a real experience. In fact the Great Expectations audiobook is becoming immensely popular, so wait no more, and get yourself one, today.

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